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The Need of an Attorney for Child Support Modification in Corpus Christi, TX

Whether you’re in the process of a divorce or have already been through it, you can always submit a request application to the court for a child support modification. Although hiring an attorney is not a necessity in this matter, it does increase your likelihood of having the alterations made in your child support agreement. In addition, hiring an attorney also strengthens your case in the court, allowing you to achieve the desired verdict from the judge.

How to Achieve Child Support Modification?

Whether you’re looking for an increase or decrease in child support enforcement, you must provide evidence of substantial change occurred in your life after the initial child support agreement. However, to provide evidence of a substantial change, you will first have to understand what the court deems as substantial. This includes:

  • Sudden changes in the child’s medical requirements

  • The physical or mental diseases or disabilities of the paying parent

  • Considerable changes (increase or decrease) in either party’s income

  • Changes in the child’s residence

While reaching agreements with the co-parent can be extremely helpful, it rarely ever happens. In fact, most divorces are a result of disagreements, which is why agreements are impossible to reach out of court. Even if that happens, it is important to involve an attorney to conduct the agreement legally and file for a modification application in the court.


However, if the parties fail to reach agreements out of court, it becomes imperative to hire a lawyer for successful child support enforcement modification. This is because the modification laws are complicated and require professional, legal expertise to be thoroughly understood. In addition, the lawyer will accumulate the evidence necessary to present your case in court.

Hiring a lawyer can be extremely helpful for you in safeguarding the best interest of your child. So if you’re looking for legal assistance in Corpus Christi, TX for child support modification, reach out to me at The Law Office of Bianca Medina-Rodriguez.

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