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Contact Bianca Medina-Rodriguez for a Divorce Attorney Near Me

Divorce is one of the bitterest experiences you could ever go through. And yet, when things between you and your partner cease to work out, it is the safest way out of a toxic relationship into a healthy one. However, it can impact your relationship with your child, especially if you and your ex-partner are not on the best of terms.


As a parent, if you’re unsatisfied with the current child custody arrangement, then you will have to file for a child visitation modification request in the court. However, to successfully execute changes through this petition according to your design, you will need a divorce attorney to represent your case in the court.


If you’re looking for a “divorce attorney near me” in Corpus Christi, TX, then contact The Law Office of Bianca Medina-Rodriguez. To create a child visitation modification petition, your lawyer will ask for your reasons for this change in order to strengthen your case in the court. In addition, the lawyer will also search for evidence to present in the court that justify your concerns such as the secondary parent developing substance addiction problem, neglecting the child, abusing the child and any other valid reason.


In other cases, the child may feel threatened, unsafe or simply not inclined to live with the secondary parent for multiple reasons, such as the people the parent is associated with, the area they live in, their work hours and more. If the child feels safe in spending more time with the primary parent, the lawyer will legally back up the case and create a request accordingly.


The job of The Law Office of Bianca Medina-Rodriguez is to devise a convincing petition on your behalf, arbitrate matters with the secondary parent, represent your case in the court if the arbitration fails, and provide evidence that proves your concerns in the best interests of your child.

For legal assistance, reach out to  The Law Office of Bianca Medina-Rodriguez!

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